What is calcific tendinitis?

Calcific tendinitis occurs when calcium deposits builds up in the tendons. Calcific tendinitis most often occurs in the shouldersCalcific tendinitis can happen in elbows, wrists, hands, hips, knees or feet as well.

Calcific Tendonitis

What causes calcific tendinitis?

Calcific tendinitis is a process whereby calcium deposits are buildup and cause a chemical reaction with other tissues in the tendon to cause pain. In the shoulder, the calcium deposits is usually accumulated inside the rotator cuff.

What are the symptoms of a calcific tendinitis?

You may experience pain and stiffness that often come and goes and usually lasts for 1 to 2 months. You may find it difficult to sleep at night due to the pain.

How is calcific tendinitis diagnosed?

Your doctor will physically examine your affected area. An X-ray may ordered to look for the calcium deposits. Additional investigation like Ultrasound or MRI may be required to see if there are any tears to the tendons and other soft tissues.

How is calcific tendinitis treated?

If you are in extreme pain, you may want to seek medical attention.

Treatments at clinical level includes:

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