Everyone has had a problem with a hand, or wrist that caused pain or swelling. Hand or wrist problems can be caused by injuries or due to aging.  It could be that you can’t move your fingers, hand or wrist as usual, or they are swollen. Or there is a lump might have appeared on your wrist, palm, or fingers.

There are many causes of finger, hand, or wrist problems.

Common Hand & Wrist Conditions

  • CARPAL TUNNEL SYNDROME  Cause by pressure on a nerve in the wrist. The symptoms include tingling, numbness or pain of the fingers and hand.
  • DE QUERVAIN’S TENOSYNOVITIS – Occurs in the hand and wrist when tendons on the thumb side of the wrist swells and become inflamed.
  • DUPUYTREN’S DISEASE –An abnormal thickening of tissue beneath the skin in the palm of the hand or hands. The thickened skin and tendons may eventually limit movement or cause the fingers to bend so that they can’t be straightened.
  • GANGLION CYST  Are small sacs (cysts) filled with clear, jellylike fluid that often appear as bumps on the hands and wrists but can also develop on feet, ankles, knees, or shoulders.
  • MALLET FINGER – It is a bent fingertip that can’t be straightened.
  • REPETITIVE STRESS INJURY – Pain or swelling occur from repeating the same action over and over.
  • TRIGGER FINGER – A condition where your finger or thumb clicks, or gets locked in place, when you close and open your fist.

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