How does tailbone injury happen?

Tailbone (coccyx) injury usually happen after a slip and fell accident. You fall and hit your tailbone which is a direct impact injury to your tailbone.

What are the symptoms of a tailbone injury?

Taibone Pain (Coccydynia)
Taibone Pain (Coccydynia)

The most common symptoms of a tailbone injury is sharp pain to your tailbone when sitting down. The pain is worse with you slump or sit on a hard seat. Bowel movement may be difficult as the pain increased when you strain.

You may have a risk of infection if your skin over your tailbone is cut after the injury.

Some spinal injury can happen at the same time as a tailbone injury. If you suspect you have a spinal injury, please seek immediate specialist attention. Symptoms of spinal injury include unable to control bowel or bladder, weakness to the legs, tingling sensation or numbness to the buttock areas or legs.

Treatment to tailbone injury

  • A good-padded seat when sitting
  • Avoid long periods of sitting down
  • Cortisone injection – To reduce the inflammation of the soft tissue if the tailbone pain persists.
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