Brief Outline of Patella Dislocation

A dislocation of the kneecap is whereby the kneecap slides partially out of the groove in which it is designed to travel. Pain and swelling may accompany this condition. Athletes who suffer from a muscle imbalance or a structural deformity, such as a high kneecap, have a higher risk. This condition can also happen with forceful contractions, such as planting to change direction or landing from a jump.

Kneecap Dislocation

Cause of Patella Dislocation

Strength imbalance between the outer quadriceps group and the inner quadriceps group. Impact to the side of the kneecap. Twisting of the knee.

Signs and Symptoms of Patella Dislocation

Feeling of pressure under the kneecap. Pain and swelling behind the kneecap. Pain when bending or straightening the knee.

Complications if Left Patella Dislocation Unattended

Continued dislocations can cause small fractures in the patella, cartilage tears, and stress to the tendons. Failure to treat a patella dislocation could lead to chronic dislocation injury.


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