Leg Pain and Injuries

Leg pain is very common among our patients.

In this page, we will discuss about leg problem cause by leg injury and not cause by any leg injury.

Leg Pain Cause By Leg Injury 

Children with leg injury

Children will have an leg injury through play, sports or fall. They are most likely to injure their leg if they are more involve in sports like basketball or soccer. Any leg injury near the joint may result in damaging the growth plate in a child. As such, the child needs to seek medical attention as quickly as possible.

Sportsman with leg injury

Athletes like dancers, gymnasts, soccer or basketball players have a higher risk to injure their leg. They often need to put repeat stress to their legs and are at a higher risk to have leg injuries comparing to other people.

Older adults with leg injury

Older adults are also at a high risk of getting leg injury as they may have a low bone mass (Osteoporosis) without knowing it themselves. Age comes with other problems  like vision and balance, these factors may put the seniors at a higher risk of accidental leg injury.

Acute leg injury

An event that you will remember that you injured your leg. It could be a fall or twisted leg. The injury causes your leg to swell or bruise shortly after the accident.

Acute leg injuries include:

Overuse leg injury

Repeatedly putting stress to your leg causes overuse leg injury.

Examples of overuse leg injuries:

Leg Pain Cause By Non Leg Injury

Leg pain that are not cause by any specific injury. You may feel numbness or tingling sensation to your leg.

Leg pain in Children

You may observe a lump or swell on the top of the shin bone. The causes of the leg pain in the children could be:

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