Frozen Shoulder Management & Treatment

Frozen shoulder is a condition whereby the shoulder becomes stiff and painful to move in all directions. Frozen shoulder usually worsens over time. Frozen shoulder affects people between the ages of 40 and 60 years old, it can occur in either in men and women. The medical term for frozen shoulder is Adhesive Capsulitis.

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Dr Kevin Yip
Specialist Orthopaedic (Frozen Shoulder)

What can I do to get Better More Quickly from Frozen Shoulder ?

There are some treatments that can help you cope with the pain and stiffness and help you get better quicker, including:

  • Medications – NSAIDs can help reduce the inflammation and pain.
  • Corticosteroid – A steroid injection can help to alleviate the pain in severe cases
  • Manipulation under anaesthesia (MUA) – this may be an option for severe cases. This procedure involves anaesthetising your shoulder and having a doctor to move the joint to stretch the scar tissue.
  • Physiotherapy – To move your shoulder joint to prevent further stiffness and promote mobility in the shoulder.

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