Brief Outline of Tibiofibular Joint Dislocation

The tibiofibular joint is the point where the tibia and fibula of the lower leg connect. This junction is at the inferior surface of the lateral epicondyle of the tibia, just below the knee joint. The tibiofibular joint only allows for very limited movement between the two bones. A tibiofibular joint dislocation is most commonly caused by a high impact injury, such as a fall onto a bent knee with the foot pointing inward (inverted).

Cause of Tibiofibular Joint Dislocation

Impact to the knee or lower leg. Twisting of the knee.

Signs and Symptoms of Tibiofibular Joint Dislocation

Pain and swelling around the lateral epicondyle. Pain on weight bearing. Pain when bending or straightening the knee or ankle. In some cases there is a visible deformity at the joint.

Complications If Left Tibiofibular Joint Dislocation Unattended

Dislocation of the tibiofibular joint causes tearing of the ligaments that hold the joint together. This results in the knee joint being considerably more prone to successive dislocations and other injuries.

Treatment to Tibiofibular Joint Dislocation

Ice and Rest. Seek Medical Help Immediately.

Rehabiliation and Prevention for Tibiofibular Joint Dislocation

During rehabilitation, activities that do not aggravate the injury should be sought, such as swimming or cycling instead of weight-bearing activities like running. Strengthening the muscles around the knee will help to provide support. A knee brace may also be used to provide extra support when initially returning to activity.

Long-term Prognosis and Surgery for Tibiofibular Joint Dislocation

For relatively minor dislocations a closed reduction is used where the bones are placed back in line using manual manipulation, which does not require any incision or opening of the joint. Where the dislocation is quite severe, surgery is usually required to fix or attach the bones back together.

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