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Black Nail (Subungual Haematoma)

Brief Outline of Black Nail A subungual haematoma is bleeding under the toenail caused by an injury or infection to the nail bed. Crushing injury is the most common mechanism for this type of injury. The bleeding under the nail causes pressure and pain to the nail bed. The pocket of blood maybe small or […]

Tur Toe
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Turf Toe

Brief Outline of Turf Toe Pain at the base of the big toe may be a result of turf toe. Athletes who jam their toe or repetitively push off when running or jumping are susceptible. Also caused by hyperextending the metatarsophalangeal joint of the great toe. The name turf toe comes from the fact that […]

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Brief Outline of Sesamoiditis The tendons surrounding the sesamoid bones can become irritated and inflamed, causing a condition similar to tendinitis. Runners, dancers, and catchers in baseball are all susceptible to this injury. Increasing activity too quickly causes additional trauma to the small sesamoid bones.   Anatomy and Physiology of Sesamoiditis A sesamoid is a […]

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Big Toe Pain Cause by Running

Pain that Is Deep Inside the Big Toe Joint. Location of the Big Toe Pain The most common injury of the big toe is in the joint where the big toe meets the foot. Most commonly the pain is felt deep inside the joint, but there may be some tenderness on top of the joint […]

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Broken Toe

What is the cause of a broken toe? You may break your toe if something drop on it or you accidentally bend it. A hairline crack (stress fracture) may happen to your toe if there is a sudden increase in sports activity such as walking or running. What are the symptoms of a broken toe? […]