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Coccydynia Causes and Treatment

Pain or soreness occurring in and around ┬áthe coccyx – the three to five fused vertebrae at the base of the spine that are often referred to as the tail bone – can vary from general discomfort to bouts of sudden sharp or nagging pain. Also known as coccygeal pain, this condition tends to be […]

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Understand Back Pain

Our spine is a complex anatomy, due to the complexity, there are different kinds of pain cause by different parts of the spine, such as: Pain from Facets Pain from Discs Pain at the End of the Spine Pain due to Wear and Tear Pain from Facets As we age, we lose height, primarily because […]

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Tailbone Pain (Coccydynia)

What is Coccydynia? Coccydynia is the inflammation of the tip of the tailbone and the pain is often worse on sitting. How is Coccydynia Pain Diagnosed? Coccydynia is commonly diagnosed based solely on the symptoms and the examination findings of local tenderness over the tailbone. What are the Causes? Coccydynia is often caused by an […]