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Calf Strain

Brief Outline of Calf Strain Failing to warm-up properly can lead to muscle strains. The calf muscles are used when taking off during a sprint, when jumping, changing directions, or when coming out of the bottom of a deep squat. These are usually explosive movements requiring forceful contractions of the calf muslces, which can lead […]

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Hamstring Strain

Brief Outline of Hamstring Strain A hamstring strain, or a pulled hamstring as it is commonly referred to, is a stretch or tear of the hamstring muscles or tendons. This is a very common injury, especially in activities that involve sprinting or explosive accelerations. A common cause of a hamstring strain is a muscle imbalance […]

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Quadriceps Strain

Brief Outline of Quadriceps Strain A muscle strain, which is a forceful stretch or tear of the muscle or tendon in a weight bearing muscle such as the quadriceps, is painful and difficult to rest. The quadriceps are involved in supporting the hip and knee structure to hold the body weight. A quadriceps strain can […]


Muscle Strain (Biceps Brachii, Chest)

Brief Outline of Muscle Strain (Biceps Brachii, Chest) Muscle strains are among the most common sports injuries and often result from the sudden extension of a joint beyond its normal range of function. This causes damage to muscle and other soft tissue. The chest muscles (pectoralis major and minor) joint the biceps brachii muscle at […]

Ruptured Achilles Tendon
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Achilles Tendon Strain

Brief Outline of Achilles Tendon Strain Achilles tendon strains can be very painful and take some time to heal. The Achilles tendon, which gets its name from the mythological Greek warrior Achilles, is located in the back of the lower leg over the heel. An injury to this tendon can be debilitating because of its involvement in walking […]