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Neck and Back

Chronic Neck and Nerve-Root Pain

If you have suffered from a neck problem for three months or more, your pain will be described as “chronic”. The pain may be severe or mild, constant or intermittent; these factors will determine the degree to which it affects your life. Causes Precise causes of chronic neck pain are often difficult to determine. In […]

Neck and Back

Acute Neck and Nerve-Root Pain

Acute neck and nerve-root pain describes several conditions that affect the cervical spine region, and can also cause head pain. In the long term, it is rarely as disabling as low-back pain, but the severity of acute nerve-root pain ca be just as bad as sciatica. Causes This pain can be caused by strain of […]

Lower Limb

Nerve Root Impingement

A variety of conditions can cause pressure on one or more nerves as they leave your vertebral column in the middle and lower back. And, depending on the cause, the severity of symptoms, also known as “radiculopathies,” can vary. Symptoms for Nerve Root Impingement Pressure on the nerve roots often causes what is known as […]