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Chronic Neck and Nerve-Root Pain

If you have suffered from a neck problem for three months or more, your pain will be described as “chronic”. The pain may be severe or mild, constant or intermittent; these factors will determine the degree to which it affects your life. Causes Precise causes of chronic neck pain are often difficult to determine. In […]

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Neck Injuries

The thought of serious neck injury is terrifying – and rightly so. A break (fracture) or dislocation in the cervical region of the spine can be potentially fatal or catastrophically disabling. Thankfully, though, few neck injuries are life-threatening. Fracture and Dislocation Learning that somebody has broken or dislocated their neck is always shocking news. Fractures […]

Neck and Back

What is Causing My Neck and Upper Back Pain?

Sprain and Strain Cervical sprains and strains involve an overstretching or tearing in the supporting tissues of the neck. A sprain results from injury to the ligaments and a strain from injury to the muscles or muscle tendon. Sprained or strained tissue becomes tender to the touch, and results in stiffness, swelling and reduced range of motion in the neck. Other […]