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What is a viscosupplement?

A viscosupplement is a type of fluid that is injected directly into the knee to help lubricate and cushion the joint. Viscosupplements replace damage synovial fluid to help relieve pain and improve joint function.

What are viscosupplements made from?

Viscosupplements are made from a substance called hyaluronan. Hyaluronan is a natural substance found in the body and is present in very high amounts in joints. The body’s own hyaluronan acts like both a lubricant and shock absorber in the joint and is needed for the joint to work properly.

When should I consider a viscosupplement?

Viscosupplements are for people with Osteoarthritis of the knee who have not received enough pain relief from diet, exercise, and pain medication. If you’ve tried these options and are still feeling pain, ask our doctor if a viscosupplement could help.

What are the side effects?

Side effects with viscosupplements may include pain, swelling, or fluid build-up around the knee.

Knee Osteoarthritis Synvisc Treatment
Knee Osteoarthritis Synvisc Treatment

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Who administers viscosupplement injections?

Our orthopaedic surgeon, Dr Kevin Yip.

How are viscosupplements given?

Viscosupplements are injected directly into the knee. Depending on the type of viscosupplement you receive, it may be given as a series of injections or as a single injection.

What is the procedure like?

Each injection takes a few minutes and can be given in our doctor’s office.

Will the injection hurt?

Our doctor will apply a numbing agent before your viscosupplement injection. You may feel some pressure, but is should not be painful.

What happens after the injection?

You can resume your normal day-to-day activities immediately after the injection, but you should avoid any strenuous activities for about 48 hours.

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  • If you have an mild pain or swelling at the injection site, you may want to rest and keep an ice pack on your knee for 15 to 20 minutes, or as recommended by your doctor.
  • Avoid putting a lot of strain on your knee – such as with jogging, heavy lifting, or prolonged standing – for 48 hours after the injection, or as recommended by your doctor.

How will I know When it is Time for Another Treatment with SYNVISC or Synvisc-One?

  • Since there is no known cure for osteoarthritis of the knee, and it is a chronic condition that does not go away, it is important that you continue to see your doctor regularly
  • Track your symptoms, and if you notice pain or stiffness returning, speak with your doctor about scheduling your next appointment
    • Your doctor will decide if and when it’s appropriate to repeat treatment
  • Repeat treatment with SYNVISC and Synvisc-One has been proven to be effective with a favourable safety profile.

Osteoarthritis is a chronic condition, and regular contact with your doctor can help you prevent pain from interrupting your daily activities.

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Relieves joint pain & improves mobility to put the spring back in your step and choices back into your life!

Synvisc (sodium hyaluronate) is a treatment to provide relief from the pain of osteoarthritis (OA). Now you have an alternative to the use of pain killers such as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) or steroids.

Given by your doctor, this proven treatment reduces joint pain and improves joint mobility allowing you to resume some of the activities you once enjoyed.

Synvisc Benefits: Lubricates, cushions and protects the joint

Synvisc renews more efficient lubrication and cushioning absent from the synovial fluid of an arthritic joint. It helps to restore essential properties of the synovial fluid.

Synvisc helps to lubricate, cushion and protect the joint, bringing relief that lasts up to 6 months, from one simple injection.

Synvisc is a simple procedure

The procedure is called visco-supplementation – a simple procedure done by an orthopaedic surgeon. Your doctor injects Synvisc directly into the joint where it combines with the synovial fluid.

For many patients, relief occurs after a few days and optimum results shortly, thereafter. Unlike other treatments that may require up to five injection, Synvisc only requires a single injection.

Synvisc – Pure and Simple. Helps you get back in the game!
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Important benefits of having Synvisc treatment

Patients can look forward to some of Synvisc advantages:

  • Significant pain reduction from osteoarthritis
  • Enhanced joint mobility and joint protection
  • Long term relief achieved with one single injection
  • Resumption of many activities you once enjoyed

Synvisc is made from a natural product

Synvisc is a highly purified, clear fluid made from a natural substance called sodium hyaluronate, which has been used in medicine for over 20 years. Synvisc has been specially formulated for single injection therapy. Your doctor can give you Synvisc by injection directly into the joint to relieve the pain of osteoarthritis at that site.

Synvisc added benefits of local treatment

  • Synvisc avoids the side effects often seen with traditional systemic osteoarthritis treatments
  • Synvisc injected into the joint at that site of discomfort restores the viscocity of the synovial fluid

Discuss Synvisc with your doctor

You and your doctor can decide if Synvisc is right for you. Ask for more information about the benefits of this pure and simple way to relieve osteoarthritis pain and enhance joint function.

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How the knee joint moves

To understand how this new treatment – Synvisc works, it is important to first understand how the knee joint moves.

Osteoarthritis Knee

The knee joint is formed where the thigh bone, called the femur, meets the shin bone, called the tibia. That joint is covered by the kneecap or patella and is secured by muscle, tendons and ligaments, which allow the knee to bend and straighten.

The surfaces where the two bones touch are covered with a tough substance called cartilage. The space called the synovium inside the knee contains synovial fluid that helps to cushion the weight supported by the knee joint and also lubricates the bones – working like grease on a squeaky hinge.

In osteoarthritis, the synovial fluid loses its ability to lubricate ans cushion the joint effectively. As a result, the cartilage can be destroyed. The unprotected bones then rub together causing pain.

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