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Fractures of the Hand and Wrist

Good hand function depends on healthy and intact bones and joints. 31 bones from the skeleton of the hand and wrist. Between the bones are joints that allow the fingers and wrist to move. Muscles and tendon attach to the bones, moving the joints when they contract and relax. The nerves and blood vessels are […]

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Why is My Hand Painful?

Our hands are used almost unconsciously to get things done whether at work or at play. We seldom think about them until something is not quite right, and even then, we often push it our of mind until it becomes an obstacle to using our hands properly. Some conditions can cause slowly progressing or chronic […]

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

What is  Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?   How is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Diagnosed? A physical examination help determine if the syndrome are related to daily activities or to an underlying disorder and can rule out other painful conditions that mimic carpal tunnel syndrome. What are the Causes? Carpal tunnel syndrome is often the result of a […]

Trigger Finger
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Trigger Finger and Thumb

What is Trigger Finger and Thumb? Trigger finger is a common disorder of the hand which causes painful snapping or locking of the fingers or thumb. Trigger Finger Video What are the causes of trigger finger? The exact cause of trigger finger or thumb is not readily evident. In many cases, the condition may be […]