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Mallet Finger (Long Extensor Tendon)

Brief Outline of Mallet Finger Extensor tendons are vulnerable to injury, lying just below the skin surface directly on the bones of the back of the hand and fingers. Such tendons may be torn apart when a finger is jammed, separating the tendons from their attachment to bone. The injury is common at the start […]

De Quervain's Disease
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De Quervain’s Disease

What is de Quervain’s disease? De Quervain’s disease is an inflammation to the tendon of the wrist. You will experience pain at the side of your wrist and the bottom of your thumb. What causes de Quervain’s disease? You may get de Quervain’s disease when you use the thumb or wrist too much. It is […]

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Trigger Fingers

Trigger Fingers My Finger Clicks and Locks! Also known as as stenosing tenosynovitis, trigger fingers are painful conditions of the fingers and thumbs where they get stuck in a bent position and then straighten with a “click” or a snap – kind of like a trigger being pulled and released. If a trigger finger is severe, you may […]

Trigger Finger
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Trigger Finger and Thumb

What is Trigger Finger and Thumb? Trigger finger is a common disorder of the hand which causes painful snapping or locking of the fingers or thumb. Trigger Finger Video What are the causes of trigger finger? The exact cause of trigger finger or thumb is not readily evident. In many cases, the condition may be […]