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Lower Limb

Thigh Bruise (Contusion)

Brief Outline of Thigh Bruise or Contusion A thigh contusion is actually a deep bruise to the muscles of the quadriceps or hamstrings near the femur. The bruising causes pain and limited flexibility in the muscle. High impact sports such as football or hockey are commonly associated with thigh bruising, but any activity that could […]

Upper Limb

Biceps Brachii Bruise

Brief Outline of Biceps Brachii Bruise Bruising to the biceps brachii can occur following tearing and/or rupture of the biceps brachii tendon, or trauma to the muscle. The biceps brachii tendon attaches the biceps brachii muscle to bone in the shoulder region. Overstrain from weight training can cause tears and bruising, which may also result […]