Tennis Elbow

Surgery for tennis elbow may involve:

  • Cutting (releasing) the tendon.
  • Removing inflamed tissue from the tendon.
  • Repairing (reattaching) tendon tears if it is possible to do so without overtightening the tendon.

Surgery may be done using arthroscopy, traditional open surgery, or a combination of the two techniques, depending on the type of problem and the method the doctor prefers to use.

Surgery can be done with general or regional anaesthetic and can be done as a day surgery or an overnight stay in the hospital.

Tennis Elbow
Tennis Elbow

What To Expect After Tennis Elbow Surgery

Recovery varies from person to person.

  • Cigarette smoking slows tendon and wound healing.
  • Recovery depends on the amount of time and effort you put into a rehabilitation program.
  • You may not be able to keep doing the activity that caused your tennis elbow. Or you may have to make some changes to the way you do that activity in the future.

Why Surgery for Tennis Elbow Is Done

You and your doctor may consider surgery if:

  • You still have elbow soreness and pain after more than 6 to 12 months of non-surgical treatment.
  • Corticosteroid shots have given good short-term pain relief but the pain has returned.
  • You cannot perform daily tasks and activities because of elbow pain.

How Well Tennis Elbow Surgery Works

Various surgical procedures are used to treat tennis elbow. 

Most people are able to return to their previous activities after tennis elbow surgery. Be sure to change any previous technique, equipment, or activity that has been linked to the elbow pain.

What To Think About

Surgery for tennis elbow is seldom needed because the condition usually improves with tendon rest and nonsurgical treatment like shockwave therapy or platelet rich plasma therapy.

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