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  1. Arlyne Yunita says:

    Dear Doctor,

    My mom has a problem with her back bone. She often feel that her back bone is very sick and sometimes makes her difficult to walk / move.

    She is 66 years old.

    We have check to the local doctor and do some test at Indonesia. The local doctor said that she has osteoporosis and also rheumatic (she already do ARA test before).

    The doctor propose her to do Bone Densitometry test, for know the detail of her osteoporosis problem. We want to know the availability of that facility at yours clinic. And we want to know the cost estimation too.
    When we can do that test? Is it available on every working days or jus by appointment?
    Please help us for thats information, so we can arrange the travel schedule to Singapore.

    Many Thanks,

  2. bossykh-barben says:

    Madam, Sir,
    I have a friend whose knees have been operated within the last 12 months (approx.). But he still has lots of pain (he hardly can walk up the stairs). As he and his wife are travelling through Singapore coming week (departure from switzerland tuesday) for a holiday, I would like to know if – depending your answer – he wanted to have an appointment and receive your opinion, could you see him on very short notice? If you answer me directly, I could inform him or forward your mail with all the necessary details (also how much he would have to pay for). Thank you very much and best regards, looking forward to your reply! carla

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