Neck Pain

What is neck pain?

If you feel pain around your neck, bottom of your head or top of your shoulders, the pain likely to be caused by your neck. The pain sometimes may radiate down to upper back or your arms. You may have limitation to your range of movement of your head and neck.

Neck pain is a common symptoms especially for people over age 50.

What causes neck pain?

Neck pain is cause by either:

  • Poor neck posture
  • Neck injury
  • Other neck problems

Neck pain cause by poor neck postures

Poor neck postures include:

  • Slouching
  • Painting a ceiling
  • Poor sleep posture

The above activities cause strain to your neck, it can lead to muscle spasms to your neck and swelling of the neck joints.

Neck pain cause by neck injury

Neck injuries include:

Neck pain cause by other neck problems

What are the symptoms for neck pain?

There are many symptoms for neck pain.

  • Tight, stiffness, severe pain to your neck
  • Neck pain may radiate to your shoulders, upper back, arms
  • Headache
  • Difficulty in turning your head
  • Difficulty in looking down or up
  • Numbness, weakness or tingling sensation radiate to your arms

How is neck pain diagnosed?

Our spine specialist will examine you carefully and ask about your medical history, any injuries that is causing your neck pain.

During the physical examination, our specialist will check the range of movement of your neck. He will look for signs of tingling sensation or numbness in your arms or hands.

Our spine specialist may refer you for and X-ray or MRI scans to check the neck’s soft tissues, nerves, spinal discs and ligaments. The result of this scans will provide an in-depth view of your neck.

How is neck pain treated?

The treatment for neck pain has to depend on the actual problem itself.

Treatments for acute neck pain includes:

  • Warm pack
  • Anti-inflammatory medicine
  • Anti-inflammatory injection
  • Physiotherapy
  • Rest and avoid the bad postures

Treatments for chronic neck pain includes:

  • Muscle relaxants
  • Physiotherapy

Surgery is done to treat serious neck pain like pressure to spinal nerve root, tumour or narrowing of spinal canal.

How to prevent neck pain?

You can avoid neck pain caused by poor neck postures. Rest your neck in between.

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