What Is it?

A cyst is an abnormal, closed sac-like structure within a tissue that contains fluid. A cyst can occur anywhere in the body and can vary in size. Presence of cysts, tumours and skin lesions of the body are common, often as lumps and bumps.


Clinically, one should determine if the tumour or cyst is bony, cystic, or soft tissue in nature. The site, size, shape, consistency and margins of the lesion should be determined, including the condition of the overlying skin, its mobility, whether it is stuck to the underlying tissues, or closely related to important structures such as tendons and nerves. In view of this, a detailed clinical examination should be conducted by a qualified surgeon. Advice on the necessity of surgery can also be given.

Sometimes a lump in the wrist may not be a cyst. From clinical examination if we suspect it to be more than a cyst, radiological examination such as X-Ray or MRI can help in making the diagnosis.

Need For Removal

Sometimes, cysts go away with no treatment although more often than not, they linger around or even grow larger. Some cysts form a type of one-way valve such that fluid enters the cyst easily, but cannot escape. When the cyst becomes large enough, it will begin to put pressure on surrounding structures. This pressure can cause painful symptoms, and is usually the reason these cysts are removed.

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