Bite injuries may need to be closely monitored by a medical specialist. You may require antibiotics. Treatments to bites can be stitches, staples or skin adhesive and also depends on the below factors:

  • Type of biting animal
  • Size and location of the bite
  • Time from the day of the bite to the day you went to see the doctor
  • General health of yourself
You have to make a quick and important decision whether to seek help with our medical specialist as your risk of infection for leaving the wound untreated gets higher as each day passes. Most of the bite wounds requires stitching. Skin adhesives is usually used if the injury is within 6 to 8 hours after the injury.

Types of bite wound and whether to stitch or not

  • Dog bites can be stitched, especially if it is a large wound.
  • Human bites usually not stitched
  • Bites to hand or foot are not stitch unless the wound is large

Treatment by our specialist is more likely to be needed for:

The types of bites mention below is a guide. If you suspect infection or uncomfortable, please seek medical attention immediately to avoid the risk of infection.

  • Bites that have jagged edges, or open.
  • Deep bites that go down to the fat, muscle, bone, or other deep structures.
  • Deep bites over a joint.
  • Deep bites on the hand or fingers.
  • Bites longer when the edges are pulled apart.
  • Bites that continue to bleed after 15 minutes of direct pressure.

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