What is tibia stress fracture?

Tibia stress fracture is a crack (fracture) in the shin bone (tibia).

Symptoms of tibia stress fracture

The main symptoms of a tibia stress fracture are:

  • Pain in your shin bone
  • Pain is worse when touch
  • Pain to the shin bone when you are lying down

Causes of tibia stress fracture

Repetitive stress to your tibia bones will result in weakness to the bones and causes stress fracture to the tibia. While running, the landing of each foot causes repeated stress to the shin bones.

You are at high risk of getting a stress fracture if you have:

  • change of your training regime
  • weak or tired muscles
  • osteoporosis (low bone mass)

Treatment to tibia stress fracture

Our sports and orthopaedic specialist may refer you for an X-ray to see the extent of the fracture to the tibia.

Treatment options include:

  • Fibreglass cast
  • Medicine
  • Resting
  • Ice

Prevention of tibia stress fracture

Take enough rest to allow your bones to have time to heal well.

Do not ignore the pain as without treatment, the extent of the fracture may get worse with time.

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