What is quadriceps strain?

A quadriceps strain is a partial or complete tear in one of the quadriceps muscles.

Quadriceps muscles helps to extend your leg while straightening the knee. The quadriceps muscles are at the front of your thigh.

Symptoms of quadriceps strain

The main symptoms of quadriceps strain are:

  • Pain at the front of the thigh
  • Pain when you contract the quadriceps

Causes of quadriceps strain

The main causes of the quadriceps strain include:

  • Sudden contraction of the thigh muscles
  • Direct impact injury to the thigh
Sports such as sprinting, jumping or kicking can cause quadriceps strain.

Treatment for quadriceps strain

Depends on your symptoms of the quadriceps strain, our sports and orthopaedic specialist will diagnose and recommend the best treatments that suits you and help you back to sports fast.

There are different grades to your quadriceps strain. For the most serious quadriceps strain, you are will not be able to support your weight.

See a sports and orthopaedic specialist to get your quadriceps treated.

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