What is metatarsal stress fracture?

A metatarsal stress fracture is a crack (fracture) in one of the long bones (metatarsals) of the foot.

Symptoms of metatarsal stress fracture

The main symptom of a metatarsal stress fracture is:

  • Pain at the top of the foot
  • Pain when pressing or touching
  • Redness on the foot
  • Pain when you lie down

Causes of metatarsal stress fracture

Metatarsal stress fracture are repetitive strain injuries. During running, there is repeated stress put on your foot when it lands on the ground. This action can cause weakness to the bone and may result in stress fracture to the metatarsal.

You are at a higher risk of getting metatarsal stress fracture if you have:

  • changed in your training regime
  • weak or tired muscles
  • poor training habits
  • osteoporosis (low bone mass)

Treatment for metatarsal stress fracture

Our sports and orthopaedic specialist will usually refer the patient for an x to check the extent of the fracture.

Treatment recommended to patient will be resting and immobilising the affected body parts for a short time.

Treatment options include:

  • Fibreglass cast
  • Medicines
  • Ice

How to prevent metatarsal stress fracture

  • Take enough rest to allow the fracture to heal
  • Do not continue with the sports activities if you suspect you have a stress fracture as the fracture may get worsen and results in complete break.

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