What is hamstring strain?

A hamstring strain is a partial or complete tear in one of the hamstring muscles.

Hamstring muscles helps to extend your leg while straightening the knee. The hamstring muscles are at the back of your thigh.

Symptoms of a hamstring strain

The main symptoms of a hamstring strain are:

  • Pain in the back of the thigh muscle
  • You will not be able to weight bear if you completely tore the hamstring muscle
  • The hamstring muscle will be swollen and you may feel tightness and stiffness at the back of your thigh

Causes of a hamstring strain

A hamstring strain happens when the thigh muscle is forced to contract when it is stretched, the muscle may get torn.

Running is a common cause of hamstring strain as your hamstring muscle contracts just before your foot hits the ground and after.

You have a high risk of muscle strain if you:

  • did not warm up long enough
  • hamstring muscles are stiff
  • hamstring muscles are overused
  • did not get enough rest between your sports regime
  • have weak hamstring muscles

Treatment for hamstring strain

See our sports and orthopaedic specialist for your treatment of your hamstring strain. He will examine you carefully and diagnose which hamstring muscle are torn and the extent of the injury. With the diagnosis, he will recommend the best treatment that suits you so as to help you to get back to sports fast.

Treatments include physiotherapy or anti-inflammatory injection may be suggested to reduce the symptoms.

Do not attempt to massage your thigh if you suspect it is a hamstring strain as the massage may do more harm then good.

Avoid hamstring strain

  • Warm up properly

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