What is femur stress fracture?

A crack (fracture) in your thigh bone (femur).

Symptoms of a femur stress fracture

The main symptoms of a femur stress fracture are:

  • pain in the front of your thigh
  • pain in your knee
  • pain is worse with exercise or even resting
  • sharp pain felt when you sit with your feet flat on the ground

Causes of a femur stress fracture

Stress fractures are overuse injuries.

Running causes repetitive stress to your foot when it touches the ground each time. This action can cause stress to your thigh bone which may lead to a stress fracture.

You can get stress fracture if you have:

  • poor training habits
  • weak muscles
  • change in your usual training habit
  • osteoporosis

Treatment of femur stress fracture

Our sports and orthopaedic specialist is able to treat a stress fracture effectively. He may refer you for a X-ray to check the extent of the fracture.

Treatment includes fibreglass cast or orthosis that will prevent weight bearing on the affected leg so as to allow your leg to rest and the fracture to heal. Most stress fractures heal after six weeks of rest.

Medications may be given to help with your symptoms. Ice the area of pain to reduce the swelling.

If your symptoms does not improve with rest, call us now (65) 64712674 to see orthopaedic specialist to treat your stress fracture today.

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