Treatment of a calf strain

See our sports and orthopaedic specialist to check your calf strain. He will examine and check the extent of the calf injury and whether there are any tear to your calf muscle.

Depends on the extent of the calf injury, our specialist will recommend treatment plans that will help to reduce the pain and swelling and speed up the healing process.

You may be referred to a physiotherapist to strengthen your calf muscle.

If your symptoms did not get better after a week, see our specialist to check and treat your calf injury.

What is calf strain?

A calf strain is a tear in the calf muscle at the back of your lower leg.

Symptoms of a calf strain

The main symptoms of a calf strain are:

  • Sudden tearing or stabbing pain at the calf
  • If the pain is severe, you are not able to stand or walk properly
  • If there is a tear in the calf muscle, you may experience tightening or stiffening of the calf muscle

Causes of a calf strain

A calf strain happens when the calf muscle was suddenly stretched. Activities like sprinting or running uphill are common causes of calf injuries.

You have a higher risk of straining your calf muscle if you:

  • did not warm up enough
  • tight or stiff calf muscles
  • tired or weak muscles
  • increased in the frequency of your training regime

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