Knee Pain

Knee Pain and Injuries

Do you suffer knee pain while walking, running or climbing up & down the steps?

Does your knee feel stiff or painful when you get up from a long period of inactivity?

If knee pain is interfering with your life, find out what treatment that you need.

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Everyone of us will have a minor knee problem at least once. Knee problems can cause by an injury, old age or even bad running habits can cause severe knee pain.

The knee is an unstable design. Our knee needs to take our weight when we stand, walk or run. The knee is the most common joint to get knee pain and knee injury.

The soft discs lying between the upper and lower bones of the knee are called the menisci. Ligaments, tendons and muscles are the other components that holds our two leg bones together. The knee joint surface is surrounded by articular cartilage which act as a shock absorber and allows our knee to move smoothly while we bend and straighten our knee.

Knee Anatomy

Knee Anatomy

Common knee pain causes are injury. It could be a fall or abnormal twisting during sports. Knee pain can also cause by old age or repetitive strain. If you have osteoporosis, you may also have problems to your knees.

Knee Pain Cause by Sudden (acute) knee injuries

An event you will remember that cause an injury to your knee. You will fell pain, swelling to your knee shortly after the accident.

Acute knee injuries are:

Knee Pain Cause by Overuse knee injuries

Overuse knee injuries happen if you constantly repeat the same action and continuously put stress to the knee joint. Climbing of staircase, cycling, jogging or jumping causes stress to the knee joint and can cause inflammation to the knee ligaments and the soft tissues of the knee.

Overuse knee injuries include:

Other causes of knee pain

Knee pain can also cause by other conditions.

Treatment for knee pain

  • Physiotherapy
  • Anti-inflammatories
  • Lubricant Injection
  • Surgery for severe damage to the knee ligaments or cartilage

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