What is osteitis pubis?

Osteitis pubis a cause of pain in the pubic symphysis, where your hip bones meet at the front of pelvis.

Some sports that involves a lot of sprinting or kicking may cause osteitis pubis.

  • Running
  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Hockey

Symptoms of osteitis pubis

The most common symptom of osteitis pubis is pain or tenderness around or at the front of your pelvis and upper thigh. The pain is worse with climbing up stairs, coughing or walking.

Some people can feel “popping” sound when they walk on uneven ground or stand from a sitting position.

You may also hear clicking or popping when turning over in bed, walking on uneven ground or rising from sitting.

Causes of osteitis pubis

The exact cause of osteitis pubis is unknown. However, it is usually cause by an overuse activity that causes stress to the pubic symphysis.

Treatment for osteitis pubis

Osteitis pubis is an acute inflammation to the hip joint. You should seek treatment from a sports and orthopaedic specialist.

Rest well and avoid any strenuous physical activities for the time being.

You may try physiotherapy. The physiotherapist will help in stretching and strengthening the muscles around your hip to avoid putting too much stress on the pubic symphysis.

If the symptoms do not improve, an anti-inflammatory injection would be helpful.

Osteitis pubis usually happen in one in four athletes.

How to avoid osteitis pubis?

  • Change your sports regime, for e.g., you can try cycling or swimming instead of running
  • Stretch your hip muscle
  • Avoid training on hard surface too often

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