What is groin strain?

A groin strain is an injury to the thigh muscles. If the groin strain is ignore, it can be a chronic problem.

Symptoms of groin strain

The main symptom of a groin strain is a sudden, sharp pain in the pelvis muscle.

Causes of groin strain

If you are involve in sports that requires repeated side-stepping or twisting movement, you tend to have a higher risk in getting groin strain. These movements requires stretching of the muscle and sometimes, it may results in overstretching where a quick sudden change in direction or poor running technique.

Treatment of groin strain

You should seek treatment from a sports and orthopaedic specialist. Seek medical attention early to avoid the groin strain becoming chronic.

Our sports and orthopaedic specialist will examine you carefully and find out the muscles that are injured. He may recommend physiotherapy if the extent of the muscle tear is not serious and that physiotherapy will help in the symptoms and not do more harm.

Other treatments are available such as shockwave therapy, anti-inflammatory injection, etc will help in reducing the symptoms of groin strain. Our sports and orthopaedic specialist will examine you and suggest the treatments that suits you.
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