Hand Anatomy With Nerve

Hand Pain and Injuries

Everyone of us will encounter a minor injury to the finger or hand. Injuries to finger and hand happens mostly during:

  • Sports
  • Fall
  • Work if requires a lot of hand activity for e.g. typing or using a screw driver
  • Pulling a luggage
There are different groups of people who have a higher risk in getting injury to the finger or hand.
  • Sportsman
    • Gymnasts, they often weight bear their hands.
    • Badminton, tennis or golf player. They often need to grasp the rackets and this action puts stress to the hand.
  • New mothers, caregivers
    • They need to carry the babies or children very often. Putting too much stress to the thumb may cause the hand or wrist problem.
  • Cabin crew
    • They need to carry trays and plates.

Hand Pain Cause by Hand Injury

Children with hand injury

Children will have a hand injury through play, sports or fall. See a medical specialist soon if you suspect your child may injured the growth plate.

Sportsman with hand injury

Sportsman like gymnasts, soccer or basketball players have a higher risk to injure their hand. For gymnasts, they need to put stress to their hand to hold their weights. Basketball players may get injured while catching the basketball, they may accidentally get hit by the ball.

Older adults with hand injury

Older adults are also at a high risk of getting hand injury as they may have a low bone mass (Osteoporosis) without knowing it themselves. Age comes with other problems  like vision and balance, these factors may put the seniors at a higher risk of accidental hand injury.

Acute hand injury

An accidental event that you will remember that you injured your hand. It could be a fall or twisted wrist. The injury causes your wrist to swell or bruise shortly after the accident.

Acute hand injuries include:

  • Bruises around the hand
  • Injuries to the hand ligaments. For e.g. Skier’s thumb
  • Mallet finger
  • Wrist sprains
  • Wrist strains
  • Hand fractures
  • Finger dislocations
  • Hand compartment syndrome

Overuse hand injury

Repeatedly putting stress to your hand may cause overuse hand injury.

Examples of overuse hand injuries:

Treatment for Hand Pain

  • Fibreglass cast for hand fracture
  • Buddy splint for finger fracture
  • Physiotherapy
  • Surgery for serious hand injury
  • Anti-inflammatory injection for hand tendon inflammation
  • Anti-inflammatory medicine for hand tendon inflammation

Hand Pain Cause By Non Hand Injury

There are also other causes for hand problems. It could be due to other medical conditions, degenerative disease or heriditary.

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