Enchondroma is a type of benign (noncancerous) cartilage tumour that appears on the inside of the bone.

The tumours are commonly found in the hand and feet.

What is the cause of Enchondroma?

The cause is still unknown. It is believed to occur either as an overgrowth of the cartilage that lines the ends of the bones

Symptoms of Enchondroma

The tumours are usually painless. However, if they are big, they may deform the bones.

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How is an Enchondroma diagnosed

Because an individual with an enchondroma has few symptoms, diagnosis is sometimes made during a clinical examination as well as radiological investigations like X-rays, MRI or other scans that the doctor deems necessary.

Treatment of Enchondroma

Most enchondromas need no treatment. If there is no sign of bone weakening or growth of the tumor, just keep a close observation. However, regular checkup with repeat X-rays may be necessary.

However, if the tumour is causing pain and discomfort, please call (65) 64712674 to seek Dr. Kevin Yip’s opinion.

Treatment varies with individual. Dr. Kevin Yip will discuss the treatment that best suits you.

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