Panic is the last thing you should do when confronted with an emergency. Being prepared and familiar with what to do in an emergency is important. This simple first aid guide will help you take charge on how to treat fractures or broken bones.

How to treat fractures or broken bones?

An injury may cause a bone in the body to be broken. There is usually intense pain and swelling on the affected area.

  • The patient should not be moved without medical supervision unless absolutely necessary.
  • If the patient with a back or neck injury must be moved, keep the back, head and neck in a straight line with the help of a board.
  • For other fractures, place the injured part in as natural a position as possible without causing discomfort to the patient.
  • Apply a splint (board, pole, thick folded newspaper, etc.) long enough to extend well beyond the joints and below the fracture.
  • Fasten splint with bandage at the fracture and beyond joints above and below it.
  • Apply pressure with a bandage to control any bleeding.
  • Call for medical help immediately.

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