Ruptured Achilles Tendon

Achilles tendon repair overview

Ruptured Achilles Tendon

There are two ways to repair a ruptured Achilles tendon:

  • Open surgery, the surgeon makes an incision at the back of the foot
  • Percutaneous surgery, the surgeon makes several small incisions at the back of the foot

In both types of surgery, the surgeon stitch the ruptured tendons together through the incision.

What to expect after repair of the Achilles tendon?

After the Achilles tendon repair, you will wear a removal half cast or walking boots. Our specialist will advise you on the weight bearing exercises after monitoring your progress after the surgery.

Why Achilles tendon repair is done?

Repair of Achilles tendon is done to stitch together the tendon that has been torn into two pieces.

What is the success rate of Achilles tendon repair?


  • More than 80% of the patients who went through Achilles tendon repair are able to return to their daily activities including sports.

Speak with our surgeon to find out the success rate of the surgery for you. Each individuals are different in age, extent of the Achillies tendon damage, rehabilitation program. Our specialist will discuss the treatment plan with you in detail.

What should I consider when deciding to undergo Achilles tendon repair?

An Achilles tendon rupture usually is treated with surgery so that the tendon can be stitched back to normal. Conservative treatments like wearing a cast or splint that prevents your lower leg from moving is not as effective as a surgery.  Surgery to repair the Achilles tendon reduces the chance of rupture the Achilles tendon again. The recovery period is shorter compare with non-surgical treatments.

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