Foot Anatomy

Foot Pain and Injuries

Our foot are constantly under stress. Everyone will have a foot injury in one way or another. It could be cause by a sudden injury or overuse injury.

Children with foot pain

Sports and play may cause the children to accidentally injured their foot. Activities such as jumping, soccer or basketball requires the child to change the direction of the foot suddenly may cause foot injury to the bone or growth plate.

If the growth plate is injured, please seek immediate medical attention with our orthopaedic specialist.

Sportsman with foot pain

Dancers, gymnasts, soccer or basketball players are a group of people with a higher risk of getting foot injury. They need to repeatedly do the same action that causes stress to the foot or accidentally twisted their foot during sports.

Older adults with foot pain

Older adults are also more prone to foot injury because they may have low bone mass (osteoporosis). Vision and balance are also factors that may cause foot injury.

Acute Foot Injury

Acute foot injury may be cause by abnormal twisting to the foot, accidental fall or a direct impact injury. Swelling or redness will occur soon after the foot injury.

Examples of acute foot injuries are:

Overuse Foot Injury

Constant stress put in your foot may result in overuse injury to your foot.

Overuse foot injuries include:

Other foot problems that can cause foot pain

There are other foot problems that can be cause by inheritance, wear and tear and sometimes skin problem.

Foot pain cause by skin infection

Skin problem are usually infectious. Treat early otherwise, it may spread further to other parts of your body.

Foot pain cause by joint problem

Foot joint problems are very common. They are usually cause by hereditary and other body systemic problem.

Foot pain

Soft tissue problems include, tendon strain, muscle pulled or bone spur in the heel that presses the nerve on your foot and cause much pain to the foot.

Foot numbness or tingling sensation

If the nerve of the foot is affected, you may feel numbness, tingling sensation or even burning sensation.

Treatment for Foot Pain

The treatment depends on the severity of your injury:

  • Fibreglass cast for immobilisation. Applicable to minor foot fracture.
  • Physiotherapy for strengthening. Applicable to soft tissue foot injury.
  • Shockwave therapy
  • Platelet rich plasma therapy.
  • Foot surgery. Applicable to severe foot fracture or foot ligament torn.

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