Foot and Ankle Pain

At one time or another, everyone has had a foot, or ankle injury that caused pain or swelling. There are instances where the pain in your foot and ankle are actually caused by wear and tear rather than an injury.

Common Foot and Ankle Conditions:

  • ANKLE SPRAINED – A sprained ankle is a very common musculoskeletal injury. Find out what to do if you’ve sprained your ankle.
  • ANKLE FRACTURE – A broken / fractured ankle could be a result of a sprained ankle.
  • ACHILLES TENDON RUPTURE – An injury to the tendon and cause the tendon to rupture in your heel.
  • ACHILLES TENDINITIS – The breakdown of soft tissues in and around the Achilles tendon that connects the calf muscles to the heel bone.
  • BUNION – When the big toe of the foot starts to deviate inward towards the direction of the second toe.
  • BUNIONETTE – Bunionettes can make walking very painful.
  • FLAT FOOT – A flat foot is characterised by loss of the arch.
  • HAMMER TOE – A curling toe that causes pain in the toes and the ball of the foot.
  • METATARSALGIA – Pain in the front (ball) of the foot.
  • PLANTAR FASCIITIS (HEEL PAIN) – Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common causes of heel pain.


Common Skin & Nail Problem on the Foot:

  • PLANTAR WARTS – A form of viral wart. Root removal services available.
  • INGROWN TOE NAIL – Infection to the corner of the toenail and painful. Root removal services available.
  • CORNS – A corn is a painful area of hardened skin on the foot. Surgical removal available under day case.

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