Humerus Fracture

Arm Pain and Injuries

Everyone of us will have an arm pain in our life. Some of the arm pain could be cause by an injury to the arm or it could be cause by repetitive motion to the arm.

In this page, we will discuss about arm pain cause by an injury to the arm and not cause by any arm injury at all.

Arm Pain, Injury Related

Children with arm pain

Children will have an arm injury through play, sports or fall. They have a higher risk to injure their arm if they are involve in contact sports such as soccer or rugby. Forearms are the most common injured area. If there is any injury to the long bone near the joint, the growth plate may be affected. You need to bring the child to see the specialist to check the growth plate.

Older adults with arm pain

Older adults are also at a high risk of getting arm injury as they may have a low bone mass (Osteoporosis) without knowing it themselves. Age comes with other problems  like vision and balance, these factors may put the seniors at a higher risk of accidental arm injury.

Acute arm injury

An event that you will remember that you injured your arm. It could be a fall or twisted arm. The injury will cause your arm to swell or bruise shortly after the accident.

Overuse arm injury

If you do an action repeatedly, you may cause stress to the arm unknowingly. Overuse injuries include:

Other Arm Problems Causing Arm Pain, Non-injury Related

You will feel symptoms such as numbness, tingling sensation to your arms.

Non-injury related arm problems include:

Treatment for Arm Pain

Soft tissue inflammation to the Arm

Arm Fracture

Treatments to an arm fracture depends on the severity of the fracture. For minor fracture, splint or a fibreglass cast will be used to stabilise the fracture and monitor over a certain period.

For serious arm fracture, surgery may be recommended to fix the arm.

Humerus Fracture
Humerus Fracture

Arm Dislocated

  • Manipulation under anaesthesia to return the dislocated joint to its normal position without surgery.

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