What is Decompressive Laminectomy for Lumbar Spinal Stenosis?

Decompressive laminectomy is the most common type of back surgery done to treat low back – spinal stenosisLaminectomy is done to relieve pressure on the spinal nerve roots caused by degenerative changes in the spine. It is also done to treat other spine conditions such as, spine injuries, slipped disc, herniated disc or tumours. The aim of the surgery is to reduce the pressure to the nerve roots so as to relieve your pain and allow you to return to your normal daily activities.

Laminectomy removes parts of the bone or thickened tissue that is narrowing the spinal canal or pressing the spinal nerve roots. Laminectomy involves a small incision to the back.

What To Expect After Decompressive Laminectomy

Recovery of the surgery is gradual.

Why Decompressive Laminectomy Is Done

Decompressive laminectomy for lumbar spinal stenosis is considered when:

  • Severe back pain symptoms has affect your day to day activities.
  • Tried all conservative (nonsurgical) treatments but the symptoms persist. Numbness and weakness to the legs gets worse and not getting better.
  • You cannot walk very well.
  • Bladder and bowel control may be affected.

How Well Decompressive Laminectomy Works

The surgery has good results and you will see the result the next day of the operation. The symptoms will be reduced significantly.

What To Think About for Decompressive Laminectomy

You may want to exhaust all nonsurgical treatments before choosing surgery.

One can try the below conservative treatments before proceeding to the surgery.

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