Knee Bursitis Pes Anserin

Brief outline of knee bursitis

Knee Bursitis can be a painful condition, especially when located in the weight-bearing knee joint. The job of the bursa is to cushion and lubricate the joint, so if it becomes inflamed, pain will occur in most weight-bearing and flexion or extension activities. With three major bursae surrounding the knee there are many chances to injure one of them. The three major bursae of the knee are the prepatellar bursa, the infrapatellar bursa. and the anserine bursa.

Knee Bursitis Pes Anserin


Cause of Knee Bursitis

Repetitive pressure or trauma to the bursa. Repetitive friction between the bursa and tendon or bone.

Signs and Symptoms of Knee Bursitis

Pain and tenderness. Mild swelling, due to release of fluid in the bursal sac. Pain and stiffness when kneeling or when walking down stairs.

Complications if left knee bursitis unattended

The bursa is a fluid-filled sac that is used to lubricate and cushion the joint; if it is allowed to rupture and release the fluid, the natural cushioning will be lost. The build-up of fluid in the joint will cause loss of mobility in the joint as well.

Treatment for knee bursitis

R.I.C.E. Anti-inflammatory medication. Anti-inflammatory injection. Shockwave therapy.

Rehabilitation and prevention for knee bursitis

Strengthening the muscles around the knee helps to support the joint. Increasing flexibility also relieves some of the pressure exerted by the tendons upon the bursa. When a kneeling or crouching position is necessary, frequent rests also help to prevent bursitis. Identifying any underlying problems, such as improper equipment or form, is important during rehabilitation to prevent the condition from recurring.

Long-term prognosis and surgery

Bursitis is seldom a long-term concern if treated properly. Occasional draining of the fluid from the joint is necessary.

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