Question: “I wear 3 inch heels everyday. Is this advisable? I have backaches but when I switch to flats, they worsen. What do I do?”

Wearing high heels on a daily basis can shorten your leg muscles and alter your posture. After a prolonged period of wearing heels, your muscles will adjust to this position. Once the muscles have adjusted to wearing high heels, wearing flat shoes can cause pain.

To reduce the pain in your back. It is important that you change the shoes slowly. Wearing high heels may feel more comfortable, but in the long term, it will cause more problems. I would advise wearing slightly lower heels for a few months, and performing calf muscle stretching 2 – 3 times a day to allow the leg muscles to adjust to the change. After 3 months, you should be able to slowly start wearing flat shoes. When wearing a flat shoe, however, do not choose those with a very thin sole like a ballet flat. Instead choose a shoe that has plenty of cushioning. If you are unable to make the change from high heels to more flat shoes, you should consult an orthopaedic specialist to have a proper foot and leg assessment as there may be other causes as to why you are experiencing pain when in flat shoes.

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