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Premium Healthcare in Singapore

As a leading healthcare services hub in Asia, the international city of Singapore attracts approximately 650,000 international patients every year. Singapore is a world class, cosmopolitan and culturally vibrant city of grace. It is stable, peaceful and safe. Many international patients place their confidence in our world class healthcare system, which is at the forefront of medical technology and has safety as its top priority.

International patients choose Singapore

Our medical expertise is internationally recognised for its high standards and medical breakthroughs. Our doctor underwent rigorous training at established medical institutions, and continually upgrade their knowledge and skills. He is supported by qualified nurses, clinicians and other healthcare professionals.

Use of advanced technology

Hospitals and medical centres in Singapore are well-managed and have advanced technology and sophisticated equipment and facilities. Fully computerised, our healthcare system ensures efficient administration, including proper storage of patient records, which facilitates integrated treatment.

Asia’s premier biomedical sciences hub

Singapore is actively advancing the application of biomedical research in healthcare and extending its capabilities to clinical trials and healthcare delivery. The world’s leading biomedical companies are based here in Singapore. These support the latest innovative treatments and therapies now available in Singapore.

High safety standards

Patients enjoy faster access to safe new treatments and healthcare products under Singapore’s healthcare system. The city sets and enforces standards to safeguard public health and ensure efficiency while supporting medical advancement.
Highly qualified and experienced professionals administer our healthcare system. The Health Sciences Authority (HSA) sets strict standards on drug evaluation, pharmaceutical administration, medical devices, analytical science, forensic science and medicine, radiation protection and transfusion medicine.

Peace of mind

Many international patients have placed full trust in Singapore’s healthcare and safety standards. They are at ease in our multiracial and multicultural society. For offering peace of mind, Singapore is the first choice of many international patients.

International patients choose Singapore Sports and Orthopaedic Clinic

International patients seek a wide range of treatment with us. They originate from Singapore, the People’s Republic of China, Hong Kong SAR, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Vietnam, India, United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates and Russia.

One Stop Assistance for our Patients and Visitors

Dr Kevin Yip examining a patient

Dr Kevin Yip examining a patient

Thousands of patients, from all over the world come to Singapore Sports and Orthopaedic Clinic each year for specialised orthopaedic care.

We provide services for:

  • Liaison for third party payers
  • Language interpretation
  • Outpatient medical appointment
  • MRI, CT Scan and Xray services

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  1. sutanto r says:

    Hi Dr Yip,
    I’m 59 years old. My right ankle have a terrible pain for the last 6 moths, during day and night time specially when do a lot of activities. I had an accident in 1972. I have the Xray and also the CT scan. The CT scan report show the osteoarthristis of the tibiotalar joint.

    Is there any other options beside the fusion or ankle replacement?
    I prefer to avoid the surgery if possible.

    Thank you so much for your attention.


  2. Richard Lipset says:


    I am an American currently visiting Jakarta who recently received a diagnosis of a torn meniscus and ACL on my left knee. I have the plates with me as well as the results in digital form.I am considering coming to Singapore for some PRP treatment if the timing is right. Will you have availability between the 22-25 of September? And if so, can you let me know the costs for such a procedure. Thank you very much and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

  3. Mohammed says:

    Hello Dr Yip,

    This is Mohammed from India. My father has fracture in his left leg anklet and unfortunately its not been set properly.Could u please suggest any treatment apart from the surgery as he is 63 years old.I am looking forward for your valuable suggestions.

    Many Thanks,

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