Parkway Shenton

Parkway Shenton card accepted here.

Parkway Shenton Card

Parkway Shenton Card

Our clinic is in the orthopaedic specialist panel scheme of Parkway Shenton’s insurance plan.

To see our orthopaedic surgeon, you need to bring along on the day of the appointment:

  • GP referral letter
  • Your Parkway Shenton card
  • Your Identification card

We will verify your coverage on the day of the visit.

Call +65 64712674 for appointment.

Call (+65) 6471 2674 (24 hrs) for any queries you may have.

  1. woo mei ling says:

    My son is a holder of the PARKWAY SHENTON INSURANCE CARD.He had injuried his shoulders and ankles.Had went for several treatments in the hospital but still in pain and no improvements. As he is still a young man, it worries me, as such I hope DR Yip is able to give me a piece mind and advice. If he is able to use the INSURANCE CARD with no payment involved,I would like to make an appointment on any of the SATURDAY when you are available.

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