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  1. Saleha Salleh says:

    Hi, Few Qns,
    1)i have a Aviva PCP blue card, for the consultation is the fees covered?
    2) In April 2013, i experienced knee injury on my left knee twisted to the left from a stationary position while playing badminton.Instant pain felt. Cant feel my leg, wobbly, couldnt walk for a while. Swelling occurs greatly in the night, resulted to polyclinic , advised to get assited tools to help me walk, barely could walk at that moment, RICE method done for a few days. after 5 days, walking ans taking stairs is a chore, painful and cant stand straight at all. Friends recoomend traditional message, did it twice for 2 days, got better, angle ofbending the leg improve, but not straight. till now, still not straight, depend on my right knee at times, especially taking stairs up and down. Please advise.

  2. Pauoline Fox says:

    Dear Dr

    I have two toes on my right foot that are hammered. What would be the cost of an operation and can it be done as a day patient? I am currently staying in Malaysia but visit Singapore quite regularly.

    Many thanks. Pauline Fox

  3. ps says:

    Hi Raziz,

    Thank you.

    If it’s not getting better, please come and see Dr. Yip.

    You can call me at 64712674 for an appointment.

    Puay San

  4. Mohammad Raziz says:

    Hi Doctor,

    I am an avid cyclist and commute to work by bike. The groin on my right leg has been sore for as long as I can remember but only recently it is getting worse. I have not ride for 3 weeks to rest it but the pain still persist. At the same time probably due to the above injury I have also experience sore quadricep on my right leg too and mild back pain. Please advise me on what should I do and what will be the cost to visit your esteem organisation.

    Thank you and I await your kind reply.

    Mohammad Raziz

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