Before and After Bunion Corrective Surgery

Bunion correction surgery is done by incision to the side of the big toe joint and the removal and realignment of the soft tissue and the bone. Bunion correction surgery is done for people looking for a long term relieving of pain to the foot and restore the normal alignment to the toe joint. Small screws are used to hold the bones in place.

  • Bunion correction surgery is done under general anaesthesia.
  • Bunion correction surgery usually takes an hour for each foot.
  • Bunion correction surgery can be done as a day surgery.

What to expect after a bunion correction surgery?

You can walk right away after the surgery. Some people may need crutches for the first few days.

  • Wound must be kept dry at all times.
  • Internal dissolvable stitches are used so there are no stitches to be removed.
  • Special shoes are sometimes worn by some patients.
  • Partial to full weight bearing can be put on foot.

Why bunion correction surgery is done?

  • Your bunion pain does not respond well to non-surgical treatments.
  • Bunion is painful and affects your daily activities.
  • Cosmetic purpose.

How well does bunion surgery works?

After the bunion is corrected, your daily activities like walking is likely to improve. The big toe joint will be generally less painful, and, in turn, moves better. Once the swelling and wound has settled down, your foot may look more normal than before.

You can see the following picture, the bunion at the right foot and the bunion correction surgery done to the left foot.

Before and After Bunion Corrective Surgery

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