Knee arthroscopy external view

Arthroscopy is a keyhole surgery whereby a mini camera is inserted into the joint through small cuts in the skin, allowing the surgeon to see the inside of the joint. Instruments are inserted through other small incision to repair the joint. Arthroscopy for rheumatoid arthritis can help to improve the symptoms to much extent, but it does not cure the underlying rheumatoid arthritis condition.

Knee arthroscopy external view

What To Expect After Arthroscopy?

Arthroscopy is usually done as a day surgery, there is no need to stay overnight in the hospital. Three day’s later after the surgery, the dressing will be changed in the clinic. For knee, hip or ankle arthroscopy, you may need to use crutches if you are not able to weight bear.

Why Arthroscopy Is Done?

Arthroscopy for rheumatoid arthritis is done to treat large joints such as hip, shoulder and knee. The procedure of an arthroscopy include:

  • Cleaning and removing debris from the joint.
  • Removing loose bodies (pieces of bones or cartilage floating) from the joint.
  • Shave out rough or irregular joint surfaces.
  • Removal of inflamed tissues  in the joints.

Arthroscopy is not suitable for severe damage to the joint.

How Well Does Arthroscopy Works?

Arthroscopy provides pain relief to a certain extent and sometimes it can help to improve the range of movement.

Risks of Arthroscopy

As with all other surgery, there is a risk in arthroscopy. However, the risk is small such as infection or bleeding in the joint.

What To Think About Should You Decide for Arthroscopy

Arthroscopy helps for many conditions as it provides a window for the surgeon to view the actual condition of the joint and the surgeon can perform repair at the same time. Bear in mind, arthroscopy for rheumatoid arthritis can help with the symptoms but it does not cure the underlying rheumatoid arthritis disease.

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