An injury to the ankle will have an impact on the other muscles in the lower limb because it is a weight-bearing structure. As a result, ankle injuries usually cause weakness and muscle imbalance to the lower limb which needs to be corrected.

The ankle joint is a complex hinge joint joining the foot to the lower limb. It plays a key role in walking, running and jumping, and without a stable and pain-free ankle, these activities will be impaired. As the ankle is a weight-bearing structure, an injury to the joint or surrounding muscles and tendons will often cause an altered gait (walking) pattern. Even if this altered pattern is only for a short time, this will have an impact on the other muscles in the lower limb, often causing weakness and muscle imbalance which needs to be corrected.

Common ankle injuries include:

  • Achilles Tendonitis – inflammation of the tendon at the back of the heel and lower leg, normally worse immediately upon standing, an.d can be worse with walking, running etc.
  • Instability – weakness of the muscles and ligaments around the ankle joint making it less stable and more susceptible to injury if not treated.
  • Ligament sprain – damage to the ligamentous tissue that surrounds the joint which maintains stability.
  • Fracture – fracture of the bones around the lower leg at the ankle joint

Treatment for Ankle Injuries Include:

The Aim of the Treatment for Ankle Injuries are:

  • Reduce pain and inflammation
  • Increase range of motion
  • Improve strength, balance and proprioception of affected limb
  • Help in gait re-education
  • Allow integration of exercises into full body conditioning
  • Allow safe and efficient return to sports

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